Bits and Bytes


After a long hiatus, Bits and Bytes has returned! In this feature, we will share links to some of our favourite food stories from around the web. Here are January’s links!

  • As cold and flu season gets into full swing, check out these DIY remedies. The “Flu Fighter Cookies” look tasty even if you’re not under the weather.
  • Craving a home-baked cookie, but don’t feel like making a whole batch? The perfect solution: recipes for single-serving chocolate chip cookies (and cupcakes too!)
  • The UBC Culinary Lab in the FNH Building has be re-made, and re-named! Now called Vij’s Kitchen, it will be used mainly by nutrition and dietetics students, but is also available for club use.
  • The last few years have seen the rise of quinoa as a universally-adored superfood, but it’s not as rosy a picture as it may seem. This article discusses some of the severe downsides to its rapid rise to popularity.
  • The holidays are over, but if you’ve already begun missing your gingerbread lattes, check out this cheat-sheet to making your Starbucks-style holiday drinks.
  • Okay, this one’s not entirely food-related, since I don’t think anybody’s going to eat it, but…a 3-POUND GOLDFISH.

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