Miniclubs picture

What’s great about Food Soc…

…is that if you want to dine out for cheap…

…There’s a miniclub for that.

If you want to learn to cook or bake…

…There are mini clubs for for that.

And if you want try out cuisines from different parts of the world …

…There’s even a mini club for that.

 Yep, there’s a miniclub for just about anything.

Only in Food Soc.
Take a break between term papers, unwind after midterms, and join one of 9 twice-monthly miniclubs! It took us forever to get this sorted out, but now they’re here — and starting in October!
Each miniclub is run independently by a different leader. Have a look at the full spectrum of miniclubs available – from dessert tasting, dessert making, simple nomming, to intermediate cooking – and find one that suits your schedule (and your tastes) best. We’ll be looking to update this page with a live calendar so you can see where our mini clubs are going or what they’re making!

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