Meatless Mini Club


This mini-club is for people wanting to discovering restaurants that offer or are mainly about meatless cuisine. This includes fish, eggs, dairy and seafood. We will be trying out a couple of vegetarian restaurants, a couple of non-vegetarian restaurants that offer appetizing meatless options and for the sugar-loving vegetarians among us (or pescatarian if you eat fish), a couple of desserts places.

Leader: Marie

Time: weekdays and weekends depending on what works best for the group. We will meet twice a month.

Location: West Vancouver (Kitsilano, UBC, Point Grey, Dunbar,…)

Average cost: ~10-15$ for a main dish.


Bonjour, I am a 3rd year in Computer Science. Being French, I believe it’s in my blood to be a foodie. I love a lot of different cuisine though I am not a fan of spicy food and obviously, I don’t eat meat. I haven’t always been a vegetarian, so I promise not to judge if someone wants to join, but isn’t a full-time pescatarian like me. :) This club is for people who want to try eating meatless dishes every once in awhile.

Bon appétit!!!


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